New players to Super Smash Bros should check this out.

For my final entry my friend Kaylee and I will look at the character Ike. Ike is a powerhouse of a swordsman. He is the heaviest hitter of all the swordsmen and has one of the longest sword ranges. His sword was the biggest in the game before the introduction of the DLC character Cloud, who now has a heavier sword.  Nonetheless, Ike’s sword hits like a truck. Ike plays extremely weirdly as a character, having very heavy, strong, slow attacks, but also many attacks that will come out instantly that deal less damage and deal with faster foes. He tends to be one of the easiest characters in the game to pick up, though mastering his character takes a little more skill.

Ike, as a swordsman, has long range with many of his attacks, reaching far with his massive sword to deal even more massive damage. With his decent ground speed and nice air speed he tends to be a bit of a speedy character even if he tends to be slower with most of his attacks. Ike is also a heavier character, being able to take a decent amount of punishment before being knocked out of the fight. His large arsenal of moves on the ground and in the sky make him a very formidable foe.

When it comes to Ike’s strongpoints the first bit that bears mentioning is his immense damage. Oh that was already mentioned? Well now it has been again. His primary advantage is that of being able to hit like a truck, with his sword having immense damage and large range, he is to be feared in the hands of a skilled player. Another of Ike’s benefits is his counter, which also has a large range thus making it hard to escape from. His neutral B is an attack to slam his sword into the ground in a blaze of fire, dealing some of the highest damage in the entire game, however it leaves him a bit open to attack if the player is not careful with their timing. His recovery is very well rounded, as he can use his side B to recovery from extremely far off sides, and his up B special goes fairly far up as well. Being a heavy character who can recovery easily he is a big threat to those who do not pay him much attention in a fight.

Ike’s downsides come from his attack speed, which is generally lacking in most of his attacks. His side and up smashes take a long time to wind up and swing, and his down smash is only slightly faster than these. Ike also has a large amount of end lag in his moves, meaning if he misses an attack he is defenseless for a long amount of time. That means do not miss an attack as Ike, and if fighting against an Ike make sure to punish if they miss an attack. Ike can have a very hard time against faster characters like Sonic or Little Mac, being ill suited to be able to hit them, much less hit them enough to land a kill.

Below is a clip of Ike beating another Ike with his truck of a sword.


If anything can be said to new Ike players it would be to use the faster attacks often. Use the neutral A combo, forward A, and back air to the advantage.


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