Anyone new to Super Smash Bros should check this out.

Today I analyze the character of Yoshi with my friend Ethan. Yoshi is the green dinosaur that Mario rides on in most of his games. Yoshi lays eggs to use as a weapon, can put enemies in an egg, and even become an egg himself. As one of the weirder characters of the game he is fun to play, being both strong and light/floaty. Yoshi does however lack a decent up B, his only gives a very slight elevation boost. Now to begin.

Yoshi is an odd character, having the fastest air speed in the game, making him to be a very good aerial fighter. His ground speed is relatively fast as well, making him well rounded. He is a very heavy combo character, able to take characters from 0% to a high percentage very quickly in a combo that would be hard for them to get out of. Yoshi’s attacks have a rather large range as well, though he is easily outranged by most sword characters by a small bit, making it it difficult to fight them. His egg throw does give him a ranged attack that can help in certain situations where he is outranged.

Yoshi is very powerful, making his combos really deadly and easy to set up. His neutral A attack is the set up to many combos, and also deals decent damage itself. Yoshi also has a nice spike with his forward air, slamming opponents down to the extent that they cannot survive. His down air attack can dish out 32% damage if every hit lands. The back air attack deals three powerful hits and has a good kill potential, coming out quickly and dealing much knockback. His forward smash is likely his biggest kill move, having long range and large knockback potential. When it comes to setups his neutral B is good for stalling enemies into taking damage while they cannot move; after all, they’re stuck inside an egg. His side B is a relatively fast move the can send him all the way across the stage as well, though it has no kill potential. Yoshi does have a long range grab, but it does not deal much damage to enemies, therefore his neutral B is the better option for keeping an enemy still. Plus with his neutral B opponents could helplessly fall off ledge and be able to do nothing as they slowly fall.

Yoshi can be easily be killed off stage if his second jump is taken, due to his up B barely giving any height. He also lacks in good projectiles, though his up B egg throw can sometimes be useful. He tends to be a slightly lighter character as well, being floaty and able to be killed at a bit lower damages than desired. His grab and side B deal very little damage, so they should mostly be avoided unless the player really knows what they are doing.

Below is Yoshi showing Mario who the boss really is.


If there is anything to say to new Yoshi players it would be to remember this: Learn how to spike with the forward air, it is a guaranteed kill if landed correctly


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