New players to Smash Bros should check this out.

Today I am analyzing the playstyle of a Roy along with my friend Robert. Roy was introduced first in Super Smash Bros Melee as a near exact clone of Marth, and was missing from Super Smash Bros Brawl. Roy however came back in the new smash bros as a DLC Character, still being a semi-clone of Marth, in fact he is less changed from Melee than Marth is. Marth deals the most damage at the tip of his sword, Lucina (Another Marth clone) deals even damage all the way through, whereas Roy deals damage mostly at the base of his sword, having to get in very close to fight his opponents.

Roy ends up being a midweight character, jumping fairly well while still having some knockback defense, however he tends to fall a bit more like a heavy character, falling quickly towards the ground. Other than the falling issue Roy gets around very well, having a decent moving speed. One of Roy’s odd things would be doing the most damage with the base of his sword, getting in much closer than any other swordsman in the game. His attacks come out rather fast as well, taking slower enemies by surprise. Roy tends to be a very well balanced character, coming up decently in all aspects. Roy also has a fire effect to his sword with some hits, it does nothing special, it just looks really cool.

Roy’s up smash is a really good move, being able to catch someone in it and keep them there, possibly ending in a fiery death for them. His dancing blade combo (side B) is also very useful, being able to be made into many different combos depending on button imputs, coming out rather quickly to damage opponents fast and catching them off guard. The move is also good at applying shield pressure from the multiple hits it deals out. Roy’s counter does the most damage in the entire game, not quite the most knockback but it deals plenty of hurt to enemies and is one of the longest lasting counters in the entire game as well. Roy’s flow of moves is incredible as well, one move leading to the next near seamlessly. The spike from Roy’s down air is beautiful as well, being easy to pull off, but it tends to be risky due to his fast falling speed.

Roy’s biggest downfall can easily be said to be his fast fall, and can be very surprising since Marth and Lucina (his semi-clones) both fall much slower. Another downfall at times can be spacing him out properly. Many characters will try and keep enemies at bay, while Roy has to get in close. This can be an advantage or disadvantage, depending who the opponent is and how smart they are. One odd bit about Roy is his neutral attack only hitting once, and being very short range. It does not have many follow ups, making it a relatively useless attack except for catching someone quickly off guard or stopping an attack where there is no time to block or dodge.

Below is a sample of Roy destroying his supposedly better semi-clone Marth. (Take that, Marth.)

If anything could be said to Roy mains it would be do not be afraid of being agressive and going in for kills, Roy can take plenty of damage and deal it out just as well.


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