New players to Smash Bros should check this out.

Today I will be working on analyzing the powerhouse Ganondorf, along with help from my friend Marlon. Ganondorf is an odd character, being able to make kills very easily, but also being easy to kill. Ganondorf has super armor on some attacks, is extremely strong, and has a relatively long reach on his attacks, the downfall is being easy to get hit, and having a relatively low chance of recovery. However, once someone has learned this character well he can be a powerhouse, making for some of the best kills in the game. As usual, I will start off with how the character works.

Ganondorf is a relatively low tier character, being a bit hard to control at times due to his slowness and bulky size, and his entire strategy is about waiting for what the opponent does, baiting them into making mistakes with a hard punish when they do. It only takes a small opening for Ganondorf to get a huge advantage. Ganondorf can be unreliable because at higher levels of skill people make less mistakes, making him a much harder character to use, but with enough patience he can take opponents out at very low damages.

One of Ganon’s biggest advantages is his heaviness, he will not be killed off the top of the stage easily due to his weight, making him a good match against characters like Fox or Bayonetta. His neutral B is one of the best moves in the game, dealing extreme damage and knockback, however it comes out very slowly. The move has super armor, making him unable to flinch but he can easily be countered afterwards. Even if it is shielded it can nearly break the shield instantly, or can be a great attack if the shield is already broken. While Ganon is a slow character he can become very mobile at times with his side B or down B, which send him quickly across the stage in a relatively useful attack, meaning at times you can compete even against a very fast character. His combos are near nonexistent but he can read opponents well, catching them in awkward moments, and his side b has priority over most moves, grabbing characters out of their own attack. His air game is very useful as well, unlike most slow characters. Every one of his midair moves has a good chance to kill, especially his down air which has a crippling ability to spike off ledge. Ganon’s midair side B is also the perfect insult, killing both him and his opponent at once, and counting as his win if that is the final kill.

Ganon’s downsides are plentiful as well. His double jump is relatively low, being able to be footstooled very easily, leading to an annoying death. His recovery is relatively low, making for hard recovery. He can also be very easy to combo on the ground due to his heaviness he can get caught into combos and rack up damage, and he himself has no combos either. Playing Ganon is a large uncertainty, if the player is not good at punishing mistakes they will not be able to use Ganondorf well, his moves come out very slow and obviously.

Below is an example of Ganondorf’s brutality against his clone Captain Falcon.

For anyone learning Ganon, advice would be to learn to read opponents well and be able to easily punish any openings that are given. Figure out the opponent and go in for the kill, which can be done with forward tilt, running attack, all air attacks, down tilt, neutral special, down special, up special, up tilt, practically every move, just depending on the situation.


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