New players to Super Smash Bros should probably check this out.

Today on this post I plan to look into the character Little Mac. Little Mac is a brawler of a character, dealing heavy damage and being able to kill at low percentages. Mac has super armor on some attacks which prevents any knockback being dealt to him. Mac also has a useful counter and even a special limited use deadly attack. Mac can go toe to toe with nearly any enemy, but he is put in a bad position when he stays in the air too long. Today I will work with my friend Micheal, a Little Mac main, to pick apart how to play as Mac… or at least how to get kills and prolong inevitable death. Let us begin.

The main use of Little Mac is staying on the ground because his air attacks are very weak and will not land kills easily. Any smash attacks Mac uses have super armor, this means he will take damage but nothing can stop the attack and he will not fly backwards, practically ensuring he cannot die while using super armor. His neutral B attack also has armor, but he can be knocked back by a strong enough hit. Mac has a special attack that charges up when he land hits or takes hits. He is the only character meant to stay on the ground, therefore they gave Mac a special ability that no other character has: A KO punch. Mac has this meter above his name that when fully charged unlocks this ability. It is the ultimate ground move from any character in the game, being able to kill lighter characters at so low as 9 damage and even the heaviest of characters at under 30 damage. The attack cannot be shielded or countered; a well timed dodge is the only way to not die from the attack. The drawback is Mac’s midair game because all moves in midair including his KO punch are severely lacking in any power. Since his midair game is so weak, the KO punch was made incredibly strong as a balancing measure to the character.

Now for some strategy analysis. One easy way too set up his KO punch is the down a attack, which is a rather weak tap that will momentarily stun the opponent into being hit by the KO, which admittedly is a rather short ranged attack. One of Mac’s best attacks is the side b attack, it is a lunge in an arc with a punch being thrown whenever the player decides. The move can land kills or can avoid grabs or even attacks, being followed with a punishment to the enemy. The move can even be used to recover when he is in midair off the stage. If we remember, all of Mac’s midair attacks are severely reduced, and the side b does not go as far, but it could save his life and can even stage spike enemies. A stage spike is when the player hits an enemy into the stage which then slams them down for a kill. Another good Mac attack is his side smash, which can be thrown slightly up or down to deal different versions of knockback. This attack has super armor and deals incredible damages, able to kill quickly. Little Mac’s forward a attacks are quick and easy ways to deal damage and keep an opponent away with a one-two punch as well. His counter is a good sneaky move to use when an obvious attack is coming. Mac’s counter can stop any attack and deal more damage than was coming at him, allowing some easy kills if the player can read opponents well. The counter works great in midair or on ground, however if used in midair near an edge he has a chance of pulling himself too far off the edge to save himself, essentially a suicide.

Now for a few of Mac’s biggest downfalls. Mac’s air game is his biggest downfall, if he goes off ledge he have a small chance of recovery due to him having a decent second jump. But what if his jump is gone? Mac’s recovery moves are both reduced in midair, meaning recovery is nearly impossible without his second jump. On the ground Little Mac is a very versatile character, really only being taken down by grabs, which can lead to him being juggled in air.

Below is a little sample of what Little Mac is capable of. Do not suicide like the computer I fought.

If anything can be said to new players learning Little Mac it is this; Use the smash attacks often and rely on his strength. Do not try to be flashy before getting the hang of the character for the most part.


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