New players to Super Smash Bros should probably check this out.

Starting off simply I believe looking at my own main, Sonic the Hedgehog, would be the best course of action, and I have my friend Forrest helping me out today. Sonic the Hedgehog is the fastest thing alive, both in his lore of his games and the fastest character in Smash Bros. He tends to be a character quite unlike any other in the game.

Sonic’s best strengths lie in his speed and ability to catch opponents off guard. It is easy to catch opponents in attacks to drag them where the player wants them, allowing a lot of maneuverability. Compared to any other characters in the game he is easily the fastest and one of the easiest to maneuver, being able to get anywhere on the stage in a matter of moments using his up b spring which puts him high in the air, or his down b spinshot which can launch him across the screen. One mistake to avoid though would be to jump before spindashing, as he then loses his second jump and much of his maneuverability. One of Sonic’s downfalls is having no projectiles or any way to counter a projectile, meaning he has to get in close for any damage to be dealt. Another downside is how light the character is, meaning he can die from heavy hits at very low damages if they send him far enough. However if he does not go entirely off screen he is nearly guaranteed a survival due to his high jump and great up b distance. With all these aspects combined Sonic is one of the easiest characters to play, although a bit harder to master.

Now for strategy. One of Sonic’s strengths is his grabs, which come out very quickly, making it easy to grab enemies out of shields. At lower to mid damages an up throw sets up nicely for a midair combo such as a forward air attack or neutral air. At more moderate damages he could up throw and jump with an up air to try and send them off the top for a kill. At high damages his back throw is a near guaranteed kill at the edge of the stage. At any percent Sonic can down throw someone off the ledge and go for a spike if the player feels risky, by jumping off after them and using Sonic’s down air, then his up b spring to survive, the downfall is if he does not spring in time and kills himself. The best strategy is to be unpredictable, change up moves since he is fast enough to confuse the enemies to his motives. Sonic can also bait them towards himself in an effort to read what they are planning, and counter effectively. Sonic is more of an aggressive character to play, meaning he should often play offensively, going in for attacks and challenging strong hits with his speed. His spin dash is a speedy move that can lead into many combos such as a jump and up air or forward air, which could be ended with a neutral b homing attack, which will seek onto the enemy wherever they move to. Some of his kills can be hard to land, the best ones being a back air kick, a forward smash attack, a well timed spike, or his back throw.

What to avoid would be running in hazardously, while Sonic is aggressive and good at running in he also has to be cautious as to not be too predictable. If the player spindashes way too much they can end up killing themselves by going off ledge and not having time to recover, so be careful with using the move. Predictability is the main weakness, since Sonic is so light and can be punished very easily. As mentioned before, Sonic can be very weak to projectiles, moving too quickly to avoid them and having no way to counter them well. Sonic’s speed, while his biggest strength, is also his biggest weakness.

Below is a quick sample of what Sonic can do.

If there is anything to say to new Sonic players it would be this; play smart and seize the opportunities when the opponent messes up their attacks.


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