Super Smash Brothers has many different mechanics to it that I will be referencing throughout every one of my posts. So if a term does not make sense, come back here and it will probably have been defined.

The first order of business is how moves are input. Every character has what is called a normal attack, used by pressing A. They also have a special attack, by pressing B. Any time players input a direction along with a button it turns into a different attack, and if a direction is pressed at the same time as pressing A for a normal attack the character will do a very powerful move called a Smash Attack. I will refer to attacks as such: side A, up B, down smash, etc.

Next thing that needs explaining is the wonderful mechanic of spiking, or stage spiking. Spiking is when the players follow a character off ledge to slam them down, taking away their chance of recovery. If correctly spiked, someone will go flying downwards, taking their stock. A stage spike occurs when a character is hit very powerfully against the edge of the stage, and the stage itself spikes them.

Now that I think about it I should probably define how the game is played. As simply as I can put it, the goal is to knock any enemies off the edge of the stage either so hard that they fly off the top, fly off the side, or fall off and cannot make it back to the stage. Almost every character has a special up B move to save themselves when they are off ledge. Every character also has at least two jumps if not more. Every time characters damage an enemy they will take percentage damage. 0% is flawless, 50% damage is fairly hurt, and once past 100% damage they will die from most decent attacks.

One special technique in the game is called footstooling, where a character jumps off of another player’s head. This gives an extra jump to whoever jumped, and shoves the other player down. This can lead to a very sad-or satisfying-death depending on which end of the deal the player is on.

The control stick is on the left, the right stick can initiate smash attacks, x and y are to jump, A is attack, B is special, the D Pad on the left side is to taunt, L and R (barely shown on the top corners of the console) are to block, ZL and ZR (behind L and R) are to grab.


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